Proto is a set of snappable models designed to make prototyping levels as easy as possible!
Proto comes with 75 different low polygon models design to fit flush with each other, leaving no room for any error!
Not only does it include a lot of models for you to use, it also contains a handy editor, which lets you interactively turn snapping on and off for objects as well as globally setting materials for all types of objects.

Multi-RTS Camera

A one size fits all RTS Camera with lots of flexibility, so much so that with a few settings tweaks you can make any isometric based camera!
-Simple drag and drop implementation. Just drag the prefab into the scene and you're away.
-Three different camera modes, All fully customisable and establish different camera rules for different environments
-Keyboard, mouse drag and edge screen panning.
-Smooth mouse rotation with built in customisable rotation limits
-Zoom limit and incremental control

Low Poly Water Shader

A simple low poly water shader for use in your projects with shoreline rendering and a great low poly look and feel!
Simply drag and drop the prefab into your level to automatically generate water or use the shader on whatever surface you desire.